Start a Sons Squadron

Sons of AMVETS are an asset to any AMVETS Post, complementing the AMVETS and Ladies Auxiliary. To start a Sons of AMVETS Squadron in your post, please contact our Department office at 614.985.3380 and request a Membership Starter Kit. The Starter kit will guild you through the requirements and provide you with the correct forms to complete. Getting Started: To start a Sons you will need to complete the following:

  • Eight males eligible to be a member of the Sons of AMVETS
  • Organize a meeting of interested members and elect officers
  • Tax EIN number, which is issued by the IRS
  • Checking Account
  • Sons of AMVETS Change of Officers form - completed
  • Contact Ohio Department Sons of AMVETS office for assistance at 614.985.3380

Sons of AMVETS Dept. of Ohio, Inc. - 1395 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. - Suite 107 - Columbus OH 43229
Phone: 614.985.3380 Fax: 614.985.3381
Email Dept. Headquarters