Commander Davenport's Project


My Commanders project for 2019 – 2021

Is the American Freedom Lodge.

I have chosen this group because, they accomplish amazing feats that many veterans cherish for a lifetime. Without their effort’s, these individuals may never had gotten a chance to experience the outdoors.

From the participants testimonies, it clearly expresses their appreciation for this group and their dedication to their mission. Their events provide an everlasting memory for these deserving individuals for their commitment to their/our country.

I have personally attended their annual fund raiser and was truly amazed at the support they receive for this worthy cause. The leaders of this group are so focused and committed to the cause, it is uplifting to all in attendance. Their strive for succeeding is contagious and it shows by their followers. Please help me support this worthy cause and continue to support our veterans each & every day.

Please make checks payable to the “Sons of AMVETS Department of Ohio” “memo” commanders project

Thank you.

Department of Ohio Sons of AMVETS

Commander Vern Davenport



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