We are very excited with the changes that are being made by the VA , DOD and with Ohio VA and presented during this meeting. Our efforts though the Legislative program and our time on Capital Hill is paying dividends. The highlights from the session follow: • Back Log of claims; This still an issue but the VA have a Fully Developed Claim process that will reduce your claim processing time from 240 days to 69 days. A Fully Developed Claim is defined as having your military and private records collected prior to submitting your VA Claim. o If an original Fully developed claim is submitted from August 2013 through 2015, once your clam is processed you will receive 1 year of retroactive payment of claim. • Improved Commutations between VA and DOD; Ohio is the first state where State and County Veteran Service representatives have on-line authorized access to the DOD and your 2-1 file information. • Women Veteran Issues: Dayton VA is one of the first to open a Women’s Health and Wellness Center to address our Women veterans. • From Ohio Department of VA • Ohio Bonus is available to Ohio deployed veterans who served 90 days in Iraq or Afghanistan. • From Battle Front to Home Front is program reaching out to National Guard and preparing them for separation from the military and enrollment into the VA. • Jobs Search; Ohio is working with many large companies on hiring veterans including GE and the Ohio Insurance Industry, is looking to fill 16000 jobs. • E.O to all State agencies that provide certification are required to compare the state requirements to your service job. If you drive a truck for the military you should be able to have CDL • Improved Military education to transfer to college credit • Veterans courts – 9 currently 6 in development o All courts must ask if you are a veteran and you are directed a veteran court • Ohio Legal Military assistance program to assist vets with civil issues • OVH ARE THE HIGHEST NURSING HOMES IN THE STATE • MOBILE APP to provide Benefit and available program information It is very important to inform our veterans that these programs are available. And for best results when dealing the VA and Job assistance, work to get them (veterans) to the County Veterans Services office. All of the above items are currently on the legislative talking points and part of our Legislative program. But to be honest our Ohio Sons need to step up and get evolved. We need you in Washington DC presenting these issues with us. The dates are from March 4th through March 9th 2014. The Ohio Web Site has the dates and Hotel information. Pleases contact National Legislative Director Doug Brown or me if you have any questions.

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